Timberland.com Website Review & Ratings + Timberland Coupons
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Timberland.com Website Review & Ratings + Timberland Coupons

The Timberland company is best known for its waterproof hiking boots which have gained a reputation over the last 80 years as being high quality, durable and good value for money. And Timberland has taken that tradition through its entire line. Timberland sells its products worldwide through its specialty stores, factory outlets and in department stores, however, a full range of products are available online at Timberland

Timberland sell much more than just great boots, of course. The company’s online store covers the outdoor apparel needs of the entire family, and its very easy to find which products are suitable for your particular outdoor purpose. For example apparel is divided into seven categories, which are, ‘for the elements‘, winter, trail, jobsite, city, weekend, commute and spring. By far the largest selection is for men’s footwear and clothing, with a less extensive collection for woman and kids. Aside from outdoor clothing and footwear there is also accessories, which includes watches, sunglasses and hats.

Timberland apparel is engineered to be comfortable as well as stylish and is made from high quality material such as Gor-tex, stone washed cotton and nylon. This means that many designs are waterproof and all are lightweight and breathable. Timberland also features Earthkeepers, an eco-conscious collection which helps us do our bit to protect and preserve the environment. It features materials such as Bionic yarn, a type of canvas made from up to 75% organic cotton. And S-Café, a fabric made from recycled used plastic bottles and recycled coffee grounds. There is also recycled polyester and rubber.

Timberland: What makes it different?
  • The main advantage of shopping at Timberland is that you know you are purchasing a quality, durable and long lasting product.
  • Timberland features ‘design your own’. If your looking for something a little different, then you can design a pair of custom made shoes. You can choose the color, style and even add a monogram or your initials.
  • Much of Timberland’s footwear and clothing is made with fabrics that use recycled materials.
  • The Timberland website has a sale section and is currently featuring its winter clearance. Sale prices are around 20% to 45% less than regular prices.
  • These days Timberland is not just about rugged outdoor wear but is also about fashion. If that’s your thing you can get ahead of the game by shopping Timberland’s very latest collections at Timberland.com
  • Timberland has free shipping on orders over $100, and free returns.
  • If you have any questions about your order or Timberland products there is online customer service.
Timberland vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Timberland)

Because 70% of Timberland's sales are in footwear, its biggest competitor is Nike outdoor collection. When it comes to hiking boots and outdoor apparel, Columbia Sportswear and Wolverine Worldwide are Timberlands biggest competition.

Nike’s focus is of course in sports wear and does not compete with Timberland in this respect. Nike also sells outdoor apparel, including hiking boots, but its selection is very limited compared with Timberland and its other rivals. Prices and overall quality are approximately equivalent. Both Nike and Timberland use recycled materials.

Columbia Sportswear is Timberlands direct competitor in outdoor foot wear and clothing. Both produce stylish and comfortable products and both use cutting edge technology to produce premium high quality products. Timberland primarily uses Gor-tex to make its products waterproof, yet breathable and lightweight. Columbia Sportswear’s equivalent of Gor-tex is Omni-Tech, which it uses for its boots and waterproof apparel. Gortex is the more recognized brand and in laboratory tests it has a higher waterproof and breathability rating than Omni-Tech, obviously a big advantage to Timberland. After inspecting the prices from both companies on their respective websites, I would surmise that Timberland employs ‘price comparison,’ because many of its prices are slightly lower than those of Columbia Sportswear. Price comparison means when one company constantly checks the prices of another and reduces their own in order to be more competitive.

With its many recognized brands such as Merrell, Hush Puppies, Sebago, Cat Foot Wear and Wolverine, WWW. Inc competes with Timberland primarily in footwear but also in outdoor wear. Wolverine hiking boots retail in the same price range as Timberland's and also use Gortex for waterproofing. However, although Wolverine boots are no doubt a good product, they do not possess the fashion statement factor that Timberland's boots have. For that reason Wolverine Worldwide products appeal more to the 30 and 40 something crowd, rather than the 20 somethings. In term of choice and overall selection in foot wear alone Wolverine Worldwide is the winner.   

Timberland: Product images & screenshots
Timberland Coupons
Timberland: Customer reviews & comments

Generally speaking, Timberland products, such as their boots and casual shoes, are aimed towards working adults, the twenty-something crowd, families and those who enjoy the outdoor life. The Timberland Pro series is targeted at working professionals such as contruction workers. Timberland boots and shoes have an excellent reputation and the company stands by its products, offering to replace any that are defective. This reputation has made many lifelong fans who often buy the same boots again and again. For example, customers at Amazon.com gave Timberlands men's Euro Hiker Boot an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.   

Another side of Timberland is one they have been promoting in recent years, and that is their responsibility to the environment. In this aspect demographics are less important to Timberland as is a state of mind. And because many of these customers are outdoor types it makes sense that they should also care about the environment. This particular type of Timberland customer is looking for quality apparel that not only looks good and wears well, but by purchasing Timberlands products they know they are contributing to improving the worlds environment.

Timberland: Detailed review

Timberland is a worldwide company based in Stratham, New Hampshire USA and was founded in 1933. Timberland has collections which are targeted to individual needs, purposes and lifestyle.

  • Timberland Boot Company is a collection of elegant woman’s boots and shoes for town and country, including the Chukka collection for men and Lucille for woman. This collection has a worn, old school, individualized look and is aimed at the 20 and 30 something crowd.
  • The Earthkeepers brand was launched in 2010. It features shoes, boots and accessories that are not only water repellant, breathable and stylish, but confirm Timberlands commitment to using recycled materials in the construction of their products. Twenty something’s can make a fashion statement and know they are helping the environment.
  • Mountain Athletics are a range of shoes, boots and accessories with durability and style in mind, designed for the outdoor adventurous and explorers. Its advertising slogan is, "if you're not fast you're food". This collection includes backpacks and digital watches.
  • The Gripstick Rubber collection are men’s shoes designed for working adults who spend long periods on their feet. They also have extra grip.
  • Timberland Pro boots are for construction workers and craftsman. They are designed to withstand shock and be long lasting. They have steel toe, or protective toe caps and are made with the toughest leather. 
  • The kids collection is not just designed with practicality but with fun colors and styles in mind. This collection is sized by age from infant 0-1 and junior ages 9 to 13.
  • Teenagers call Timberlands ‘Tims,’ and they also like the fact that they can build their own customized boots at Timberland.com.
  • Generally speaking Timberlands boots and shoes, are for people who do not wish to sacrifice style and fashion for comfort and durability. Also for people who care about environmental concerns, yet fashion and value for money are important.
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